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It's a Privilege to Learn About Long COVID and Not Live it

If you aren’t already familiar with #longcovid, welcome to Earth!

Earth’s species of humanoids are battling a global, skyrocketing pandemic of a deadly and disabling virus, with 1.94 million global deaths (as of January 10, 2021) and millions of global victims becoming rapidly and chronically disabled worldwide.

If you came here looking for a memorable vacation, you’ve come to the right spot! What’s more memorable than millions dead and millions chronically ill, all experiencing these tragedies long before their time and at the hands of selfish and individualistic flesh sacks who care more about themselves than their loved ones and communities? Riveting vacay!

Exciting times to be an outsider, and lucky you for having a helmet to protect yourself from the infected indoor air and delusional bullshit of those unaffected and in disbelief, or of those exhibiting an unapologetic and completely disassociated lack of respect or care!

While you’re here, please take this brochure to help you remember your stay, and please remember to tell your loved ones that humanoids chose to blindly focus on the 3% mortality rate (which is tragic), and ignore that at least 1 in 10 #covıd patients (but closer to 1 in 5) experience Long Covid, with 67% of #longhauler patients having such serious complications that they’ve had to change their work schedule, quit their jobs, or were fired from their roles, all while suffering organ damage, serious incurable disabilities, and zero medical, government or societal support on their own!

The public brochure from the #postcovid19 study courtesy of the @wearebodypolitic#covid_19 Support Group’s Patient-Led Research Team is below, and if you’re a wise visitor and care about your galactic family, feel free to share because humanoids value #ableism and ignorance, turning a blind eye to helping one another, and sharing really is caring (since humanoids can’t be trusted to do so themselves)!:


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