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A Seed is Planted in the Spring

For today’s #firstdayofspring, I hope more than anything that you share. Not because I think it’s some amazing creation, but because I know my heart can reach another, and that might save one more heart from stopping or becoming chronically, seriously effected by this virus. And since I’ve poured my heart into these slides and across all shares on my profile (just scroll back to March 2020 and click through my 18 saved highlight reels about life with Covid: you’ll see what I mean), I don’t need some lengthy or educational caption. Instead I just really pray that you share this because seasons are changing and cases will rise, and if we find ourselves relaxing measures as we did during the last spring and summer seasons and before the masses are vaccinated and the virus slows its rate of mutation, then we’ll find ourselves in this Groundhog Day cycle of rapid and untimely deaths, serious and widespread chronic illness (#longcovid), and it’ll be a repeat of what we witnessed this past year. And you’ll grow even angrier with lockdowns and social distancing...and the irony will be (and always has been) that it’s because of you and all others like you. Of that me-over-we mentality. This isn’t about you at this point (I mean, it never really was). It’s about us. All of us. You do unto others as you would want them to do unto you. And as there are many relying on your social responsibility and caring to literally stay alive and make it to another season, please stop making this about you. And if you think your caring more for yourself than others is no big deal, then just wait until you realize the hypocrisy by which you’ve lived (and especially if you deem yourself to be a righteous and religiously or spiritually driven person) once you leave this world.


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