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Apathy's Like a Wounded Soul

So well-said @oliviarodrigo 👊🏼:

Maybe I’m too emotional…or maybe society has never cared about the long-term consequences of #postviral illnesses because it was easier to pretend it was in our heads versus a serious, physical condition resulting in multi-system organ damage, unmanageable medical costs, lost relationships, lost jobs, lost income, suicide…than it was to put our collective intellect together to recognize, research, innovate testing for, and actually *help* those who are wholly neglected by an ableist society that values unhealthy productivity and therefore profits over people and humanity.

This apathy the world has towards chronic illnesses, and the lack of registering just how widespread and serious #longcovid is for all - with #covid being the largest mass disabling event in modern history - IS indicative of a collective of wounded souls.

And those wounded souls, pushing a removal of mask mandates just as we saw a year ago with premature re-openings, is exactly how and why we gave the #coronavirus free-range to reinvent itself via mutations and kill and disable many thousands more people.

The definition of insanity is doing the same failed thing again and expecting it to work.

And while the added variable is the #covidvacccine this time around, we sure as hell are letting the virus play and re-invent itself in the Western world with these premature experimental decisions to unmask indoors, pretending like we aren’t STILL in the throes of a global pandemic, despite only 26.5% of the world population receiving at least 1 dose of the jab, and only 1.1% of people in low-income countries having received at least 1 dose.

The world is bigger than just the Western world. Our actions here result in devastation everywhere, including our own backyards.

#hotgirl summer looks a hell of a lot like ignorant summer part 2, and your not wearing a mask indoors until the global vaccination rates increase (or we ban international travel once again to stop the spread of mutations) will result in #sickgirl fall, winter, spring, summer and on and on for yourself and many others.


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