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Body Politic Support Group

Someone told me that the only way they’d share the Covid-19 Support Group link is if I made it into a visual. If you’re a supporter of mental health, a proponent of wellness and self-care, and if you’re interested in more patient-driven health data to benefit Covid-19 research, then please share this with your followers.

If you’re scared of this virus but not personally physically affected, imagine how scared you’d be if you became afflicted.

While you may be lucky to not have Covid-19, your followers may not be so lucky. Please share this for them. Please share this for supporting greater virus-related research and understanding, which will help you and your loved ones in the future. Please share this for the people suffering with a novel virus, feeling alone in their battle or scared due to not having another to relate to. There is no better way to help others battling this full-body and non-linear virus: the support that this global group provides is a tremendous positive in an otherwise not-so-positive experience.

Sign-up link (shortened):

Sign-up link (full length):

More info about the group:


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