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Why Should I Care About COVID-19 Survivors Not Recovering?

As a #survivor of Covid-19 and as someone who’s experiencing the “long tail” symptoms of this unprecedented and immensely painful virus, I view it as my responsibility to help enlighten others. To spread awareness. Not for me and my needs, and not because I have all the energy or time in the world to spend hours detailing my experience for others (because I don’t and would much rather be doing something that I enjoy), but because I have a social responsibility. To you. To your loved ones. To everyone. . Although I’ve written over 100 (really) Instagram stories detailing my daily symptoms for over 60+ days - all saved as Covid-19 highlight reels on my profile - something more shareable is needed. Something that another just receiving a diagnosis may want to read. Something that a caretaker of an afflicted loved one may want to read. . So I hope this helps. I hope it helps to assist in expectation setting. To assist in demanding that misinformation about this virus stops. To assist in breaking down your politically-slanted viewpoints about economic reopenings and the seriousness of this virus. To assist in helping you to realize the continued importance of keeping 6 feet apart in public and wearing a #trendy mask. It’s better than being buried 6 feet under and wearing a body bag. It’s also better than being chronically ill for months, with others pressuring you to “be better already” (when #obvio that would’ve happened if the virus didn’t call the shots). . If you want to risk your life and health and the lives and health of your loved ones, then so be it. But at least I’ve tried and at least I can say that I’ve done unto others as I would want them to do unto me. . #voicesofthevirus #covid_19

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