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COVID-19 is a Vascular Disease

Let me start off by saying that I’m a #longcovid patient approaching #1year of #covid symptoms after a hellish acute fight. Let me also remind you that patients are advising science, which advices studies, which then advises governments and the public. And let me also say that by not recognizing what patients have been saying for months and what research is now a dangerous game when it comes to #covid_19. In a virus that no one escapes without future ‘gifts’ being bestowed...and the kind you can’t return to sender.

Let me also point out that while this is a scary realization and may prove scarier to the ones who were asymptomatic and therefore believed that they survived without complications (in the short-term...), that not being aware of this is the scariest thing of all.

We can only hide our heads in the sand for so long before we have to come up for air.

So why don’t we as a collective acknowledge this, breathe the fresh air of reality and preparedness (of the psyche by the sheer act of being aware), and share so that others can experience the same?

NOT sharing Covid information is what’s negative; sharing reality is a love language that says “I want you to be as protected with knowledge as I am, and I care about educating people with reality...and not a rosy-colored version of it since it needs to be seen in its many hues and facets”.

This also should make you realize how important vaccination is.

And since sources matter, searching the internet for “Covid vascular” and reading these studies should help you even further:

Chinese study:

German study:

PSU findings:

Pérez-Bermejo study:

Davis study (Long Covid & symptoms):

Reynolds study:

NIH Study:

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