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Covid-19 and Female Reproductive Symptoms? There's a Precedent!

If you still think the American #birthcontrol access restrictions and anti #abortion laws are worth upholding, and if you still think wearing a mask to help control the spread is nothing you need to do because it’s ‘not that serious’, let me remind you that you are promoting a sabotage of American (and global) families by saying:

“This virus I could’ve prevented giving you may make pregnancy difficult, dangerous, potentially deadly, and may potentially adversely impact your unborn child...and you preventing that pregnancy before it’s deemed as safe (through targeted studies) via access to contraceptives and/or not ok with me...even though I won’t be the one paying the emotional, physical and financial burden of it”.

If that’s your mindset then you’re forgetting one thing: it’s that such ‘logic’ effects your siblings, friends, coworkers, and everyone you care about. And by proxy that effects YOU, whether you plan to have children or not.


For information on blood clots occurring in multiple organs across Covid-19 patients including those with minimal symptoms, and the prevalence of blood clots in pregnant women (prior to Covid-19), please search for “blood clots covid” and “blood clots pregnancy” to inform yourself.

For information on male fertility (this effects you too, men) in regards to Covid-19, search “covid male fertility” and read through the studies.

For information on how to be a good, selfless person, look in the mirror and ask yourself if what you’re choosing to do or not do will put others in peril: if the answer is ‘yes’ or ‘I don’t know’ and you still proceed to do it, or if you see no value in doing this kind of self-reflection, then you are unquestionably and immorally selfish. You therefore have no ability to claim a moral high-ground when advocating against reproductive health and/or Covid-19 protective measures. If your higher power doesn’t want unwanted births prevented or fetuses aborted due to it being ‘murder’, then imagine how pissed they’ll be when they learn that your actions resulted in the unnecessary deaths and complications of mother, child and society as a whole. Real sound. 🙄



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