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COVID-19 Variants and the Immunocompromised

This is part 2 of “So You Want to End the Pandemic But Don’t Know How?” and although the science is still new and more research is needed, I can tell you as a #longcovid patient on 11 months of #covid symptoms, that I have felt this virus change within me, and I’m not remotely surprised by the findings.

I went from severe gastrointestinal, respiratory and neuro symptoms within the first 4 months, to neuro, urinary and reproductive symptoms in the 3 months beyond that, to vascular and neuro symptoms in the months thereafter and still presently. I have watched this virus morph within my own body, and I have been privy to the same in a vast majority of #longhaulers.

When you combine our lived experience with the recent research findings, and with the knowledge that most chronic illnesses (with the exception of cancer, diabetes, and a small handful of other more recognized chronic illnesses) aren’t even remotely understood by Western medicine and are often met with medical gaslighting and realize how serious of a situation this may be.

If our governments prioritized the most vulnerable then this wouldn’t be an issue, but because vaccination prioritization has become a matter of ableist privilege and a ridiculous circus of entitlement, greed and realize why this has to be said.

Since I can’t exactly change the minds of state leaders, my hope is that if enough of the public is informed then we can work from the bottom up.

It’s criminal that we’ve neglected to care for the most vulnerable since the start (and for decades, with the lack of recognition of many chronic illnesses due to #ableism), but it’s insanity to not make their vaccinations a priority at this point: it can save their lives AND ours, and can hopefully slow the progress of this virus if done globally.

This also highlights how urgently we need to research and innovate around Long Covid, as there are millions rapidly immunocompromised due to not having any way to treat their chronic course of Covid.

* For the studies referenced, please see the comments (*shared on my Instagram page*)

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