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COVID-19 Patient Resources Exist!

I’m currently on Day 43 and still feeling Relentless Rona, but I found a loophole for sharing links beyond the silly follower requirement: IGTV! If you click on the IGTV icon in this post and open the video, and then click on the downward facing arrow to the right of the video’s title, this full description will appear and every link will be clickable. If you view my page on a regular computer (not mobile phone) all links are clickable without having to open the full IGTV video. So now that that’s been resolved, the links are below 👇🏼:

If you’re a Covid-19 patient (based upon symptoms and not just test results), a caretaker of a patient, a medical professional with or without Covid-19, a data scientist, or a member of the media, regardless of where you’re located (although the primary language of the group is English), you can join the global Body Politic Covid-19 Support Group here: ➡️

If you’re a patient experiencing 14+ days of symptoms, your response to this survey will benefit health scientists, data scientists, government leaders and other patients alike: ➡️

If you’re a patient looking for a helpful spreadsheet to track your daily symptoms (that can be printed and taken with you to the hospital, etc.), this doc can be downloaded and edited for personal use: ➡️

If you’re a patient and looking for a way to get your Covid-19 experience shared for awareness on social media, an image-based Symptom Tracker is in my “Covid-19 Symptom Tracker” highlight reel and the fillable PDF version of the Tracker is here: ➡️

If you’re a patient and want to share your experience via social media for greater awareness about the reality of Covid-19, please use #thisiscovid19 to help create an online repository on social media! 🙏🏼

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