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A COVID-19 Patient's Plea

COVID-19 is personal, so let’s make it personal.


My name is Lauren and I’m 32 years-old with no pre-existing health conditions, currently on day 34 of symptoms. I am not yet classified as recovered by my state due to not being symptom-free for 24 hours straight, let alone 72 hours straight. My symptoms began around March 10, 2020 and I tested positive for Covid-19 on March 17, 2020. I’ve been sharing my daily virus experience - including symptoms, my test results, my treatments, etc. - for over 4 weeks, saved as a “Covid-19” highlight reel on my profile.

My reason for sharing both daily Covid-19 stories and this video is the following: if we truly want to understand the virus and demystify it (helping others to realize just how real and non-linear this virus is, hopefully inspiring more personal and societal responsibility), then we must SHARE.

To truly understand Covid-19 we need to hear directly from those experiencing the virus on the front lines, from both medical professionals and patients alike. That information will only better our ability to paint a true picture of “recovery” at both the patient-level and national-level, as returning to work will look differently for those who have been stricken with this virus. It will also help us to move forward as a nation with compassion and true understanding about what we can expect from our afflicted but slowly recovering workforce, and what can be expected if a diagnosis hits closer to home for you or your loved ones.

Transparency and knowledge is the best medicine that we can provide at this point, and that is something that ALL of us can contribute without relying on others to do so on our behalf.

At the end of the day this virus affects PEOPLE and its PEOPLE that we can relate to and learn from. Its PEOPLE that will help to better our global understanding of this virus and its many facets from day 1 of symptoms to day 51 of symptoms, and surely well beyond.

Real personal stories trigger real personal accountability and awareness, and that is vital to being holistically responsible in how we approach the topic of “recovery” as both a nation and as individuals.

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