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Dear Long Hauler

Just a cheeky little loving smile to every single #longcovid patient no matter where you are on your journey, what injustices or pains you’re experiencing today, or what you’ve done today, because your very existence is the most accomplished and meaningful thing.

And a collective reminder that you just existing is part of something so big, and so wholly good and beautiful, and whether you publicly share your truth or not, and no matter the scale or platform, you are a force in this collective movement and one that shines bright and is not overlooked.

You are a missing puzzle piece in the oftentimes puzzling heart of humanity, and an important part of improving the future for chronic illness patients everywhere.

So in case you need to hear this today or any day, all of your fellow puzzle pieces (and the healthy allies dedicated to supporting and fighting alongside us) abound with love and appreciation for you.

Because you’re a survivor, a take-no-shit force, and you deserve to recognize just how powerful and meaningful you and your existence are.


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