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EBV and Long Covid (*Before it Was Studied!*)

When your blood work, doctor, and symptoms all are in agreement with each other, and when a new #covid_19 thought process and *potential* breakthrough has been found for your case of share it and hope other #longhaulers chat with their docs about this as well!

Is this THE answer? I and my doc have no idea. But welcome to the life of a #covidsurvivor, also known as a medical lab rat! 🤣

If I get relief as a result of these medicines, then I’m shouting it from the rooftops in the event that it helps another battling #sarscov2 / #covid_19 / #chronicillness!

Battling #sars and having daily unearthed symptoms from the previously cleared #pneumonia and #epsteinbarr (or #ebv, #mono) the same time...will hopefully get you to realize how very real this is. This isn’t a hoax, this isn’t some psychologically-induced illness, and doubting us patients who are coping with SO much physical pain - and adding so much mental anguish to our tormented hearts and minds, due to your baseless judgements, ignorance and bias - needs to stop.

Try managing Epstein-Barr, pneumonia and Covid at once and then tell me why Covid survivors aren’t incredibly strong for persevering despite living a constant physical and mental hell.


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