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The First Long Covid Advocacy on Social Media: #ThisIsCovid19

There is nothing more powerful than telling your story, especially when it’s your story that’s helping to write the medical books.

I’ve realized through my daily IG story Covid-19 novels (highlight reel) that the creative spark to create a meaningful description of my symptoms and the energy to organize my thoughts just isn’t always there. The critically needed daily reminder that despite the virus I AM lucky - no matter how big or small the blessings - was also not always there.

Hopefully this template enables others to not worry about the creativity, not worry about the thought organization, and not loose sight of the little gems of love/happiness/joy that pop into their lives on a daily basis. These gems - no matter how hard it may be to see them shine through the clouding of our worries and pain - are always there and can help us to keep our lives in focus, as stressful or painful moments attempt to derail that focus.

Please share to help others share.

If we want to beat Covid-19 we need to understand and SEE Covid-19.

To reiterate why this is important, the general population probably believes that unique cases extend beyond 2 weeks of symptoms: the reality is that that’s not unique but appears to be somewhat of a trend. Since

not many have access to reporters, etc. but do have access to social media, we need to take action into our own hands. It’ll also enable us to speak our story as we want - without media spin - in addition to putting a human face to this virus, triggering more accountability and transparency. If we can get #thisiscovid19 trending it’ll create an online database of our symptoms which will benefit both health science, patients and all others alike.

(Full disclosure I have no idea what I’m doing, am not IG savvy, but I really and truly want to help both other patients and just literally everyone. As a patient when this first hit the US I had no one to compare notes with and no one to relate to. My hope is that something as easy as a template can help correct that.)

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