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Fully Vaccinated?

Going to tell my kids that this was my vaccine card.💙

I don’t care what your sister’s husband’s dog decided to do, unless they go by the name of Dr. Fauci or any other leading virologist or infectious disease expert, their decision to go eat indoors, socialize without a mask, lick door knobs at the gas their unscientifically-founded belief and one that I’d take with every grain of salt in the Dead Sea. (In fact, leading public health experts are imploring you to continue following social distancing and mask mandates because they actually understand and are leading the science...oh and because many countries are back in lockdown due to prematurely easing restrictions before the masses are vaccinated.)

We’ve been here before. Thinking that we’re in the clear because the sun is shining, vaccines are starting to be administered more commonly, and your governor who is literally a puppet for $$$ (lobbyist groups, political and corporate agendas, etc.) and has no medical or scientific background says it’s “ok”.

And it got us right back into a tsunami wave of infections, deaths, mass chronic illness, and returned restrictions and shutdowns.

I’ll say it again and again until the vast majority of this world is vaccinated (or the vast majority in your country, assuming your country’s leaders - like New Zealand - once again restrict travel since it breeds and spreads cross-country variants): you aren’t free to do as you please because you’re not an island.

You’re a piece of sand on an island filled with lots of pieces of sand, and if we don’t protect all pieces of sand and form a protective dune, the tsunami is going to wipe out all of the progress we’ve worked so hard to make.

And if you ask “what can I now do while vaccinated?” in earnest, then I’m here to tell you to check the #ableism at the door, because what you can do while vaccinated is not give the virus any more opportunities to spread or mutate or kill or disable, since your ableism is helping it evolve.

(And for anyone still not understanding how variants are developing and the role that vaccines play, please scroll my page to find the “Covid Variants and the Immunocompromised” graphic.)


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