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Your Future Depends Upon Your Carrying About Chronic Illness

I don’t know how many ways we said “you should care about the health of others” in 2020...and the lack of actual responsibility being taken and care prioritized for others (by #socialdistancing, deciding to #wearamask, washing your hands, and not leisure traveling or engaging in non-essential activities) got us into the preventable mess that we’re presently in.

What’s more, if you’re new to my page (or really...the world) at a minimum, 1 in 10 who contract #covid_19 develop a new chronic illness known as #longcovid, with that number being closer to 1 and 5, and including many who’ve recovered from the acute fight only to find new and lingering symptoms and serious diagnoses popping up. Most of such patients being younger than 50.

So I’m going to try this another way:

If you get #covid you might become a #longhauler (the term for someone suffering from Long Covid). And if you become a Long Hauler, you won’t be able to get any help, answers or viable treatments from the medical system or others. And if you don’t get help for these chronic problems? You become lost in the masses of chronically ill folks begging the public, medical practitioners, and the government for help...with the system quite literally benefiting from your lack of help.

And let’s say you’re a lucky one and are asymptomatic and have zero immediate or future complications (which no one can say for sure, since we’re only 1 year into the long term effects of this novel virus). Feels great being healthy, right?

Well, don’t get too cocky about your luck/genetics/youth because statistically, in America, your likelihood of developing one of many chronic illnesses is extremely matter how much organic food you eat, or workouts you do, or really anything outside of finding and drinking out of the Fountain of Youth, keeping you healthy and immortal forever.

You’ll be precisely where millions are now - needing care, needing to be believed and heard - and you’ll have your lack of helping those trying to raise awareness (to change the system for the better) to thank for it.

You’ll be too ill to demand change and help. You’ll wish you used your vivacity when you could.

The End.

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