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This is How Everyone Can Help Long Haulers

I’m momentarily breaking hiatus to say that while a lot has been going on with my health, with that update coming soon, and while *A LOT* has been going on in the #LongCovid space (more bad than good, due to certain entities), there’s a missing puzzle piece that’s come into view, and each of you are needed to help solve the puzzle. And this puzzle is one that the world needs to complete: the puzzle of scientific and medical innovation surrounding infection-initiated and under-researched and treated chronic illnesses, and by proxy, our human evolution. Us patients have completed 60% of the puzzle through hard work despite the sacrifice to our lives, but we need help completing the rest, and you have the EASIEST and most rewarding part: learning! While the spiritualist in me has more to say, the patient in me knows that soapboxes push people onto a back foot, which is not the need. This isn’t about a small portion of the population or just about #LongHaulers: it’s about a large, exponentially growing subset of the global population that’s been intentionally overlooked for centuries, and about our need as a collective to address it now before we’re all forced to acknowledge and seek change. It can happen to your newborn baby. To your child. To your siblings. To your parents. To the love of your life. To your bestie. To YOU. And it can happen overnight without warning. To those who’ve been with me from the start - sharing about #covid since March 10, 2020 in my stories (saved as highlight reels) and beginning in late March 2020 via posts and TV interviews and articles - my plea for the public learning from and about the chronic trajectory of COVID and #postviral illness isn’t new. But to friends new and old, we’re at 19+ months of Long COVID and the articles written about us are often dripping with ego, medical and gender bias, white-washing, ableism, and are often shaped by agendas backed by self-serving wants. So read these slides, use your search engines (don’t ask your ill friends to educate you!), and #share. You’re the missing piece and it’s likely others will find other missing pieces through the act of you placing your piece in the unfinished puzzle.

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