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Humanity's Lost the Plot (Again)

Humanity is at a fork in road: one that’s wholly manmade and a product of impatience, unchecked privilege, and a broken moral compass, misguiding individualistic cultures so much that they’re in denial about how lost they truly are. (They’re so lost that they’re manufacturing their own path that defies reality: claiming that the pandemic is over when it’s thriving globally.)

This is not a post about any one religion. This is not a post about how the East is better than the West.

This is a post about your actions matching your words, no matter how outside influences may pressure you with their disconnected words and actions. It’s for those who label themselves as #spiritual or #religious, and pride themselves on abiding by the religion-surpassing and spiritually significant doctrine of the #goldenrule.

This is a post about how we are one, and when a part of the whole is lost and tumbling down a path of destruction, the other part inevitably tumbles down with it.

It’s tragic that the vulnerable have to succumb to the often selfish free will of those blinded by privilege. It’s tragic that the cultures that seek to place the needs of many over the wants of one are forced to succumb to the pains and traumas brought about by those who seek to serve themselves. It’s tragic that these lessons have continued on repeat throughout history (the Asiatic Flu, Spanish Flu, etc. etc. etc.) due to a species that’s spiritually stunted by their own ego (mind) overriding the truths known within their heart.

The lesson repeats until it’s learned, and the more that it has to repeat, the greater the demand to learn it once and for all becomes.

We’re failing as a whole. Individually many have awakened into compassionate awareness, and while some teeter on the line with lapses as they grow further, others remain closed to the call to evolve, despite the many knocks on the door.

Our society remains closed, tuned out to what’s best for humanity and our interconnectedness. But we as individuals still have the option to answer the call and evolve.

If we evolve and society doesn’t, humanity prevails. If we remain stunted with society, humanity fails.

The choice is now.

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