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I Have Covid-19, Now What? (This was created before any resource guide existed.)

As a first-wave #covid19 survivor and as someone who’s inbox looks like Santa’s North Pole mail room with messages upon messages relating to “I was just diagnosed, what do I need to know?”, I needed to offer my thoughts in a more public and shareable way, since a second-wave appears to be hitting before even the first-wave of patients (myself included) are healed.

My personal and my doctor’s medical advice, treatment suggestions, and holistic tips and tricks have been saved as Covid-19 highlight reels on my Instagram profile, but for this need I wanted the focus to be on the things that I know work for everyone and are accessible to all.

I’m hoping that this serves as a dose of positivity and direction for those struggling with this horrible non-linear and unpredictable diagnosis, and offers insight into the fact that while we can’t control the virus, we can control how we let it effect our minds and our day-to-day existence. Although the info may seem basic, they are important to reiterate since the mind does funny things when hit with this diagnosis. I essentially just hope that this resonates with you as much as it has for me throughout my personal Covid-19 fight.

If you’re a #covidsurvivor then please know that you are not alone and there are ways to help ourselves as we await health science to better help us as a collective.


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