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I Stand in Solidarity as a Long Hauler

I stand in solidarity with @wearebodypolitic and the hundreds of thousands (and rapidly growing) #longhaulcovid patients from across the world. I stand in solidarity because 6 months ago I received a #covid-19 diagnosis when PPE, hospital beds and virus tests were exceedingly scarce in #boston. When #covid was a new word and patient stories and expectation-setting articles did not exist. When gastrointestinal, neurological, cardiovascular and dermatological symptoms were ignored and dismissed despite their connection to Covid, no matter how severe or alarming. When the public narrative falsely proclaimed that Covid was a respiratory virus like the flu, with a 2-week recovery timeline. When elderly and immuno-compromised people were the only ones deemed at risk, and when the virus was viewed as either ‘mild’ or ‘fatal’, without any knowledge of the broad spectrum of symptoms and severities that it causes. I am on month 6 of symptoms and am on month 6 of being thrust into publicly and globally advocating for transparency and awareness surrounding this virus, supporting education as a means of defense against this virus. I am on month 6 of helping to elevate patient voices for the greater good, and in month 5 of volunteering every ounce of my free time to supporting the Body Politic Covid-19 Support Group and its thousands of global members. - Patients recovering from Covid-19 are trying to ensure that persons, communities and governments are being proactive versus reactive when it comes to the waves of chronically ill patients that are now beginning to flood already taxed healthcare systems. While the media is starting to listen, that’s only because of the tireless work of patients who are sacrificing their health in order to advocate. If a handful of chronically ill patients can make headlines, imagine the positive change that can happen when thousands of healthy allies stand in solidarity with us. The only way to overcome Covid-19 is for us to fight this enemy collectively. And how do we do that? Awareness, education, innovation, and mutual selfless support. Be an ally for us, for you, for your families, and for the future. #voicesofthevirus


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