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I Once Was a Healthy 32 Year Old...

If you still think #covid_19 is just a mild virus, and if you still think #longcovid is just a psychological condition, I implore you to check-in with yourself and question where that opinion-based judgement and disillusionment is coming from. Why you think your ego and the ego of politicians and #covid -free people carry more weight and truth than that of patients living this virus first-hand. Why you continuously ignore science and the pleas of those trying to HELP you and spare you from this extremely serious reality?

I type this with one eye sealed shut due to swelling, an ulcer-pained cornea, a red and burning (nerve pain) scalp, a swollen and painful shingles-plagued face, a tight and painful throat, nerve pain throughout my body, swollen and painful lymph nodes, severe addition to the pneumonia damage I have as a result of Covid and my #longhaul (chronic #covıd) symptoms that have lasted for 7.7 months. And to add insult to injury, these pains are felt on oodles of prescription meds including high-dose pain meds and gabapentin.

I should be resting, I should be far away from screens - and truth be told I am mostly because my health must come before my persistent pull to help and save others -, but I needed to make this. I need people to see what #longtermhealth looks like when it comes to #covid19...from someone who got the virus the 2nd week of March, right at the start of the #firstwave.

I and all other #longhaulcovid patients are the precedent. We are the ones to watch, study and listen to because we are ahead of #coronavirus science.

I am 32 years old and currently battling shingles. In my eye. And head. And that is NOT normal. My shingles rash isn’t even “typical”! Doctors cannot tell me my prognosis because this was brought upon by #covi̇d19 and this isn’t ‘normal’ shingles. There is once again no ability to expectation set, just like when I contracted Covid.

But this is YOUR expectation setting. And this is YOUR bit of reality that you NEED to hear. FOR YOU.

And this is a very sick patient trying to balance their recovery with the recovery of this broken, disillusioned and selfish society. Please #listen.

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