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In Memory of Kent Taylor, a Long COVID Victim


There are no words. Just an overwhelming hope that maybe this will be the post that you chose to share. To save another remarkable bright light like Kent Taylor from the heaviness of #longcovid.

I pray that through knowledge and enlightening others there will not be another Kent Taylor, struggling in silence with the immense difficulties of this virus. Of the organ damage, lack of understanding from our families, peers and doctors. Of the emotional pains that are triggered as a result and left to fester.

But I can say that if Kent Taylor were still with us - if we had reached him in time and he knew the work that is occurring to begin righting the wrongs of chronic illnesses past and researching and innovating and eventually treating these life-altering symptoms and syndromes - that I’d hope he’d see just how important his life is, and just how many of us are and have been here to support him and every single brave, resilient fighter (whether it’s felt or not: you are resilient and you are a force in this movement) like him.

Kent’s passing is not the first at the hands of #longcovid, but I pray that it’s the last. That others will see this and ask for and receive the emotional support needed (existing in a free, safe and inclusive space with thousands of other brilliant warriors like you) and understand that the patient community is one that loves, and loves deeply.

And I hope that he would regain hope that the patient community is fighting for change and that we won’t stop until it’s achieved. And that we have the ear of governments and research institutions and medical experts alike: that we *are* the movement that will move us all into a better, more compassionate and more respected, appreciated and supported state of being. That ableism is the enemy (not you, not your body, not your mind or heart) and we are etching away at it bit by bit.

(& lastly: if you have the means, please consider donating to volunteer patient-run #covıd support groups (link in bio) as they’re in need of fiscal support to continue serving the global patient community and striving to prevent these tragedies from occurring, one connection at a time.)

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