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Covid is Spread by Ableism

This is what our governments should have recognized, publicly addressed and advocated for since the first day the @who declared #covid_19 a global pandemic (which, funny enough, was 1 day after I fell sick with #covid). I think if there’s any graphic that has come direct from my soul, it’s this one, as I (and all of us: all humans) need to recognize, address and STOP this ‘ism’ in as bad of a way as we need to stop Covid from spreading.

We can call it selfishness, or ignorance, or pride, or whatever narcissistic personality trait that we want, but at the end of the day the only way that we’re ever going to stop these tragedies from recurring (history constantly repeating itself until we as a species learn and evolve empathetically), is by calling it what it is: it IS #ableism.

#covidー19 is spread by the #ableist public, and those internalized ableist viewpoints beget EVERY SINGLE ‘ISM’ you can imagine.

From #antisemitism, to #sizeism, to #racism, to #colonialism, to #homophobia, to #sexism... and #capitalism. At all of their roots is ableism. This utterly bullshit belief that those who deem themselves as more able are therefore more human and, in their minds (even subconsciously), are more “worthy” of existence and therefore feel wholly justified in satisfying their personal needs and wants, despite vulnerable populations AND *their very selves* being severely at risk.

It’s all down to ego. And ego is the foundation of ableism. And the pandemic. And almost everything that wedges divides between this human family that we are.

The sooner people have a light bulb moment about this, the sooner we return to “normal”, with that normal NOT being our prior normal of bullshit isms, but of LOVE, and acceptance, and community.

What we as humans are here for and made for.

So for the love of God, please share this one. Of all of them. Please share.




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