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Why is it so Hard For People to Listen to Patients?

Hi! Here’s a #selfie. Since Instagram loves selfies, maybe if I share a selfie with a serious message placed within it, maybe then a #covid19 patient’s pleas will get heard?

Note: This isn’t about my face. It’s about the thoughts coming out of it. And if you want to read more thoughts, my Instagram stories (found by clicking on the highlighted circle around the profile photo) and the Instagram posts and stories from other patients are even more interesting to look at than our faces. We are desperately trying to educate the world, and when the stuff we’ve talked about 6 months ago is now being released to the’s probably time to start listening to us.

Ignorance is clearly not bliss, so why not try on awareness for size? Education *is* the best defense. As a Covid patient in early March I (and so many others) didn’t have that luxury: that ability to be prepared and expectation-set. This is me and all of us patients trying to help you, if you only actually listened.



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