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Long COVID Diagnostic Tests

I created this for the multi-millions with #LongCovid and the millions more that are just beginning to experience new health issues post-#covid infection. For those contemplating if they have Long COVID, and for those, lacking in awareness, who are or will neglect their new health issues post COVID infection(s). I made this because as a #LongHauler on month 22 of daily symptoms, I cried on month 6 when my first “abnormal” blood test was received (#ebv reactivation), after months of receiving “normal” test results.

I cried not out of stress relating to the result, but because it was the first time that my symptoms were validated. The first time that a test allowed my body to begin telling the tale of my #postviral (“infection-initiated” is the new, more inclusive term) chronic illness reality. It was also the first time that a practitioner outside of my #FunctionalMedicine doc saw my lab work and said “oh, that likely means you’re immunocompromised”, which began the positive experience of being treated with recognition by my team of western medicine specialists. It was the first time - 6 months after being gaslit and unsupported by the medical system, despite my positive test and visible and severe symptoms - that I was seen.

I created this because my experience should not be the norm, but it is.

Millions before me have experienced the inhumanity of basing our support and care on insufficient tests - not targeted towards #ChronicIllness - and millions are presently experiencing the same.

While research will (hopefully) refine and expand upon what us patients and the preliminary science has found, many will receive “normal” tests and experience the internal and external gaslighting that often follows suit: “I guess it’s in my head”, they’ll think.

But in doing so they’ll block themselves from acquiring the appropriate, targeted tests and treatments, and the life-saving support that they need.

So for all of these reasons and more, I hope that you share this with others so that they can be empowered to honor their health needs.

1 in 2 covid #survivors develop Long COVID: help them by giving them knowledge to help themselves.

The blood tests shared in this post are those that are above and beyond the “standard” blood tests run by providers, including a CBC and more. Those tests can provide answers for some and are important to check, but often are not sufficient for chronic illness diagnostics. The tests provided in this post are those that are helpful to Long COVID patients and are unfortunately unknown or unused by many physicians.

Additionally, some of the research provided within the comments is connected to acute COVID in addition to Long COVID, as significantly more research is needed into Long COVID. While additional blood tests are seen as helpful in acute COVID, I tried to locate the blood tests that are helpful in acute COVID that also showed signs of continuing ‘abnormality’ beyond acute illness recovery, although many do not call out Long COVID specifically.

Lastly, additional blood tests (and associated research) are known to be helpful in #mecfs, #pots, #fibromyalgia and more. I encourage you (and your doctors) to research those as well, as there is likely overlap between other chronic illnesses (and especially ME/CFS), and until more is known about Long COVID.

P.S. Many of the #longhaul population-provided tests are backed by research as well, and many of the research-backed tests first gained recognition because of the patient population’s research and sharing. I do not cite sources for the additional patient-provided sources because a post with 100 sources is simply A LOT (even for me 😅)! I urge you to use your search engine to research each test with the keyword “COVID” or “long covid” next to it, if wanting more insights!

*** An updated document that contains the latest findings and additional tests not shared at the time of this graphic's creation can be found here, with all studies cited within the document itself.)

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