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Long COVID is a Diagnosis, Not a Symptom (*This Wasn't Well Understood at the Time*)

Long story short: research matters, and for a lot of reasons.

You do not want to give the Russian Doll as a gift this holiday season, and I implore you to (1) recognize the severity of #covid19 , (2) recognize that death is just one (of many) tragic outcomes of this virus and that serious chronic illness(es) are another, and that (3) we need a global mindset change in how we think about, approach and support those with chronic invisible illnesses.

It’s not to say that #longcovid is more important or worth addressing first; it’s instead to say that millions are becoming #longhaulers in a very short amount of time (a million in less than 1 year alone!), and due to that urgency, the long-standing neglect and lacking support and care NEEDS to stop with Long Covid. That such a mindset switch will help all chronic illnesses to be given the recognition, research, understanding and support that they desperately need.

It’s a simple as listening to patients.

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