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A Long Hauler's Plea

This is the face of someone who’s physically and emotionally battle-worn, frustrated with the politicalization of a novel virus that’s attacked almost every inch of my and fellow survivor’s bodies, and angry that the government, certain medical practitioners, and pockets of the general public have gaslit and/or ignored so many of us survivors despite our exerting the energy that we do not have to educate them about the reality of Covid-19. To help advise science and history so that the next waves are less terrifying than the first, and especially if the viability of a vaccine proves difficult.

This is the face of someone who cannot comprehend how the honesty, transparency, patience and bravery of #covid19 patients fighting for awareness, medical recognition and support, and general acknowledgement of our debilitating, scary, and non-linear prolonged recoveries has been so hard to accomplish. This is the face of a Covid long hauler (nearing month 5): a term that everyone NEEDS to know before it becomes personal and takes you by surprise.

Although it feels vainglorious posting a #selfie in the middle of such transitional times, the meaning behind it is not. This selfie isn’t about self-love. It’s about showing solidarity and support for a large and ever-growing group of patients who are battling months of evolving head-to-toe symptoms without any knowledge of what’s to come, maintaining the strength to support one another when no one else is really hearing or supporting us.

This tshirt from the @wearebodypolitic global Covid-19 Support Group was purchased as a way to pay back the group that’s helped THOUSANDS (including myself) since volunteer-run, free support groups NEED our financial help to remain a helpful resource in the months and years to come. It’s also a visual way of publicly telling others that this is a label they need to understand and research.

I wear this in public to spark light bulb moments for those that see me, because I want them to *really* see me and the many like me. To see the reality; to put their damn masks on; to realize how privileged they are to be new to this label.


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