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Mental Health and Public Health Safety Measures...

I know your mental health is failing due to quarantine. I know you think that getting #covid_19 tests before and after events is a way to feel better about seeing others you don’t live with, not understanding that you could get infected 1 minute after your test...and falsely believe that you’re safe to see others. I know it’s hell not hugging, partying with, or dining out with friends. I know it sucks not having a change of scenery for so long.

But you know what sucks more? Having all of that to cope with AND being physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, and holistically ill for months or even years due to contracting #covid_19.

This post isn’t meant to say that one person’s mental health matters more than another’s. This is instead to say that a person’s longer-term physical health and mental health is more worth protecting (being proactive about) than their short-term mental health (which is generally handled with quite reactive actions).

Let’s not be short-sighted people.

If you think it’s bad now - this quarantine - then you’ll hate being in isolation within quarantine (similar to a solitary confinement sentence within a prison that others - except you - can roam around in), and you’ll hate how you may be forced to give up your prior normal for years, because your body won’t cooperate due to #longcovid.

And if that still doesn’t convince you to stop the pity party for yourself and start behaving responsibly, then maybe gifting this long-term reality to your loved ones might. That they could be disabled temporarily or permanently (TBD since #covid is but a year old) because of you.

If you still think it’s worth it then maybe the problem isn’t mental health but rather an absent heart. If so, you’re as complacent as a murderer and should be treated as such ( a real jail cell, which is what you *think* you’re in now, but oh how you’d hate the actual reality of one if you can’t cope with quarantine).

(To non-patients, support groups and therapists abound and are life-saving! If you’re a #covidsurvivor or a #caretaker and need support, the free 24/7 @wearebodypolitic Covid-19 support group is outstanding and linked in my bio.)

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