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Mild Acute COVID Most Commonly Results in Long COVID

Cue the “I’m fu$!&ing Sick of It” audio clip…on loop.

And cue the “we’re trying to save YOU from becoming US” cries of the entire #LongCOVID community at the expense of our health and the benefit of YOURS for almost 2 years.

We’ve shared our stories.

We’ve shared our research.

We’ve shared the data.

The suicides within our community.

The gaslighting preventing us from care and help.

The financial depletion and job loss.

The disability filings.

The relationships lost and damaged because so few understand the magnitude of our pains.

Yet no matter how many pictures we show of our symptoms, or videos of us in emotional or psychical pain…

You still refuse to acknowledge that mild #covid illness most commonly results in chronic #covid_19 illness.

And don’t even try to tell me to ‘chill’ or that I’m being dramatic or exaggerating: look at my highlight reels, look at my #longhauler website, see the 2 years of pleas from myself and thousands upon thousands of others globally. And stop acting like your privilege - hanging on by a thin thread called NEVER-PROMISED HEALTH - is more powerful than this virus.

Because I’m and millions in my shoes are fu$!&ing sick of it.

And educate yourself, for fu$!s sake: we can’t keep doing all of humanity’s work when we are the most in need of help!

All sources below and in the comments, but a web browser search is pretty nifty too:

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[sources continued in comments on my Instagram page]

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