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#1Year1Virus: My 1 Year COVIDVersary

Call it a #CovidVersary or #TraumaVersary, the @wearebodypolitic community is calling it #1year1virus and that’s exactly what March 10, 2021 is for me. It’s my 365th day of daily #covid_19 symptoms and it’ll be a reminder to me, for the rest of my life, of a day that changed me in ways that I may never be able to fully articulate.

While the public longs for their prior normals, temporarily put on hold as a result of the pandemic (although some so selfishly refused *and still refuse* to honor what’s best for all of humanity), they forget about those who are grieving loved ones lost to Covid, and ignorantly forgetting about the millions like me who not only had to put their prior normals on hold, but may never get their prior normals back as a result of the organ damage and long-term complications of being a Covid survivor and a Long Covid patient.

And so, from where I’m sitting, my #1Year1Virus anniversary is about chronic illness in general. I’ve shared more about my Covid fight - physical and mental health - than is normal or comfortable for a person in their lifetime, and I don’t need to revisit the details of the traumas and losses again. You all *know* I’m now partially blind, have 4+ migraines per day every day, have colitis, chronic fatigue syndrome, post exertional malaise, cognitive disorders, seizures, tremors, survivor’s remorse, depression...and on and on. From Covid. You know it all.

But what this anniversary is really about for me is the MULTI-MILLIONS globally that have already, are currently, or will soon have their #1Year1Virus anniversary. And the multi-millions more that are on 10, 20, and 30 years of other chronic, under-recognized and under-supported illnesses that this human family has practically gone out of their way to ignore and sweep under the rug.

What I’ve learnt this past year is that 1 person can do a lot for themselves. They can know their worth, and value and power. They can speak until people listen and find power they never knew existed. But 1 person needs 100s more to move mountains.

I’ve learnt we that need each other. That’s my take away this year. I and we need each other. And we need to stop pretending that we don’t.

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