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Wear a Damn Mask

The most beautiful item that you will ever possess is your heart, and it’s a precious silk that needs protecting.

No matter your age, demographic, political leaning, or knowledge of acute and chronic Covid (#longcovid), your mask accentuates the size and depth of your heart, and the color of your societal awareness.

Never heard of Long Covid and how it effects predominantly young and previously healthy people? Thought that death was the worst of it, and that those with mild and asymptomatic cases returned to ‘normal’ after 2 weeks? Unaware that some of those people have realized weeks and months after ‘clearing’ the acute infection that Long Covid has set in, as often happens with #postviral syndrome but magnified by magnitudes because...SARS?

That’s so #lastseason and not a good look.

(But it’s not your fault that your government has mislead and hid the reality from you, especially from a government that values biased, slanted opinions and divisiveness over science, medical precedent, documented facts and unity...because ew to people having the power, amiright?)

The current look? It’s *all* about #reality and taking responsibility.

And you know what really highlights this new global style that‘s transforming bodies everywhere?

It’s this currently scarce and highly coveted commodity called “love”, and it should be worn daily with pride and honor, and strapped around your mouth, nose and ears for all to appreciate!

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