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Stop Sugar-Coating Long COVID

Ironically, many #longhaulers find themselves in symptom flares due to sugar intake (don’t even get me started about the new onset alcohol intolerance, making our Valentines Day cheers a little different), but we all think you’re pretty sweet and deserve transparency despite what our frenemy, the ableist government, practices. 😘

And please, for the love of everything, do not even attempt to label our hope that you’ll connect your new health issues - that often occur months after perceived #covid recovery - as fear-mongering, because that’s reserved for what happens when you develop #LongCovid and realize that: (1) there’s no known prognosis, (2) there is no treatment or cure, and (3) your employer will force you to keep working (or fire you) despite your daily pains, with only the with-it ones providing reasonable accommodations. Let’s also not forget that your friends and fam will gaslight and become intolerant of you because of #ableism and a lack of spoon theory awareness, and how dwindled your bank account will likely become due to medical bills.

*Ignorance* is the thing to fear.

Realizing that the new heart issues that you have 13 months after a full COVID “recovery” is actually due to Long COVID - all while you and your doctor spend months trying to diagnose, due to being oblivious to Long COVID - is fear inducing.

Thinking that you’re young, athletic and have a “strong immune system” making you incapable of developing Long COVID is fear inducing.

Thinking that if you survived one round of COVID without developing Long COVID, that you therefore can’t develop Long COVID after a subsequent infection is fear inducing.

Being aware, proactive, and valuing your health and life over the government’s preference to value the life of businesses is the most loving and respectful thing that you could do for yourself.

I’m trying to love my disabled Long Hauler body this #ValentinesDay and I hope that you love yours enough to not be short-sighted with your health, while the government enables the mass disability of humanity to worsen with the (again) premature cessation of mask mandates.

There is nothing more worthy of your love than your life and health.🙏🏼

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