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The CDC Stands For...

I’m speaking as an American, as a patient on month 22 of #LongCovid now #disabled due to this new #chronicillness, and as a person who loves all. As someone who, point blank, gives a shit about humanity, no matter their politics, jab views, religious affiliation, sexual preference, race, or any other subjective label that means NOTHING: nothing that changes the fact that the only label that matters is that of being a human being, with each “difference” simply being the beautiful uniqueness that we offer to this world, no different than the beautiful uniqueness of each wildflower in a forest of wildflowers, each with differing characteristics, and not one the same.

I share this with a sincere prayer that you’re a human that gives a shit as well, as what occurred earlier this week is not too dissimilar to what occurred over a year ago, almost to the day: a government attack.

Only, this time, the government turned on its people, instead of the other way around.

I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, Republican, Independent, or Abstainer. I don’t care (for this dire need) if you’re a believer in the jab or not. I don’t care if you’re presently healthy (read: your health can change in any given second), believe that your immune system is made of pure gold (mine was too pre-#covid 🥴), or chronically ill and/or disabled.

It doesn’t matter.

What matters is that you share this. That you understand the gravity of the public crimes being committed knowingly against us all, and start getting angry instead of complacent over the human rights war being waged on ALL OF US (read the slides: understand this effects you and everyone that you know too).

This isn’t about inciting violence or retaliation: this is about using your knowledge and compassion (gifts bestowed since birth) via your voice to demand better by our very “protectors” and “leaders”.

To join arms with the human family that you’ve distanced yourself from for far too long and DEMAND that we work to eradicate #ableism from our governing bodies and all other institutions, because ableism leaves only a handful remaining.

We need to take back our humanity. #mydisabledlifeisworthy

All sources in comments.

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