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The Disabled Are Ahead of the Times

The greatest human disability is a belief that one has a more valuable ability than another.

That one mind is more powerful than another or that one’s body is more beautiful or useful than another.

For all sentient beings - for all life - our greatest contribution to this world originates from within our hearts.

Each of our unique, creative gifts (none of us exist without these gifts being inherent within, for us to find and share with others) begins as a spark within the heart, translated into a physical birth of that expression by way of the mind and body.

We feel first (we experience) and then we’re inspired into action (we create).

But we would birth nothing in the physical if it wasn’t for the heart: physical life included.

So why then do we worship the abilities of the mind and body and specify what’s “normal” for their functioning, when they’re simply means of accomplishing the abilities of the heart? Why should it matter how something looks in its creative expression or how something thinks or behaves, if all that truly matters is the power and beauty of the heart, and the authenticity and genuinity of it?

Religion and spirituality does not teach us that at the pearly gates our higher power praises our physical accomplishments or our mental abilities: they teach us that our higher power praises our doing unto others as we would have them do unto us, and for living a life of love and of selfless loving expression. How the mind or body accomplishes that is irrelevant.

How the heart is expressed is what matters.

Society teaches us to stray from our humanity - to value one trait over another - based upon what society deems as beneficial to itself. But society isn’t a sentient being with a heart. It has no idea of what’s best for humanity: it only knows what’s best for itself, and it thrives off of our obsession with placing value on perceived differences.

It’s time that we understood that the ones stripped of their humanity (or the humanity prescribed of them by society) are the ones most grounded in and wise in their humanity.

Trauma, hardships and marginalization breaks the spell, and we are shaming and harming the ones that can teach us all.

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