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The Whole COVID-19 Picture

As of today, 1.06 million people have died tragically from #covid_19, and of the 36.5 million #covid cases worldwide, millions are battling #longcovid without any support, answers or treatments.

This narrative is unknown to many, ignored by some, and unaddressed at the national levels, resulting in a perpetual cycle of misinformation and ignorance surrounding the real risks of Covid-19, and therefore a further continuation of the spread.

The lack of our governments highlighting this extremely urgent and escalating issue, and the lack of their educating the public about the full spectrum of virus outcomes, is exceedingly negligent and dangerous.

The rapidly growing number of chronically ill patients as a direct result of #covıd poses a tremendous risk to already taxed healthcare systems, economies, and households.

Beyond the lingering, debilitating physical and emotional complications that #longhaulers face, is the personal hardships endured: the inability to maintain a job while chronically disabled due to ableist societal policies and norms, the inability to pay for growing and uncontrollable healthcare costs as a result of chronic complications, and the inability of sufferers to support their families and local economies due to depleted fiscal resources and health.

Please do not let the lack of politicians sharing the full truth blind you from the full truth: share and demand honesty and transparency from our leaders (and from each other... #wearamask).

(And why is the whole pie chart not complete? Because, unfortunately, the mortality and #longcovid rates will rise due to governments and their populations not understanding that they’re directly causing these numbers to rise. I left room for that pie chart to unfortunately grow because both the mortality rate and long Covid case rates *will* grow if this isn’t grasped and now.)


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