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Things That Long COVID Isn't

To preemptively get ahead of the “this is fear-mongering” comments that those who share reality get, this is my reality and the reality of millions. If it causes fear, then that’s your insecurities bubbling up and not the product of the knowledge itself.

The truth is, not knowing or acknowledging this reality is the thing that is truly fear-inducing, as it’s the thing that causes this reality to exist.

Wanting everything to be or appear ‘fine’ or softened is what’s *actually* fear-worthy.

Hiding this knowledge from others or intentionally not sharing out of concern for appearing ‘negative’ IS the very thing that you think you’re protecting yourself and others from: it *IS* the negative because it perpetuates a mentality of operating with blinders on.

And to operate with blinders on during a global pandemic - where many are causing deaths and chronic complications BECAUSE they choose to operate with blinders on - is why we’re in this mess in the first place.

Transparency and honesty regarding a difficult but vitally important subject IS the positive. It’s the thing that arms and prepares us.

We as patients are imploring you to share and to NOT turn a blind eye. Why? Because without knowledge of this reality, ignorant citizens are still willingly spreading the virus thinking that it’s mild or fleeting, and therefore causing many more cases of chronic illness globally (and unnecessary deaths!), and in populations that wouldn’t otherwise find themselves chronically ill and/or in the populations most vulnerable and in need.

And this is further hurting those exact populations because when cases are up, this entire community (already in so much need) is once again forced to suffer further, unable to get the help that they need yet again.

Ignorance causes cases, and the more cases there are, the less help those who have been patiently waiting for urgent help are able to get. Hospitals limit appointments, procedures are cancelled, and those most in need fall further into the pit of neglect and pain, lacking answers and help.




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