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Western Society is Our Worst Toxic Relationship

Everyone loves dogs, right? So here’s a dog telling you that if given the choice between a mask and a muzzle, the mask is always a better choice.

While those who deserve a muzzle by way of placing any pressure on another to unmask in their presence will unfortunately not be instantly gifted a muzzle, it’s our duty to stand firm and tell them that the mask we wear is simply to protect us from catching their judgmental mentality.

And my personal reason for continuing to wear a mask while indoors in public places and while around certain individuals (not that ANYONE is owed a response):

✔️ I’m a #longcovid patient and #covidsurvivor. I know how utterly devastating this virus is, as I’m living the painful, crippling organ damage daily (for 14+ months). Because it made me permanently visually impaired and chronically ill and disabled. Because my immune system is still trying to heal.

✔️ I’m embedded in #covid_19 science and support various Federal #covid task forces and panels, and I do not have confidence in certain mouth-piece Federal health organizations. Because I know the politics and pressures behind their public health assertions. Because they are not the Oracle (of truth), are not the global authority, and are just a bunch of humans mostly winging it during a novel, global pandemic.

✔️ Because I know that wearing a mask, social distancing and getting inoculated has not and will never be about me: it’s about everyone else. Globally. Because our nations are not islands when travel is still permitted.

✔️ Because wealthy countries (higher inoculation rates) do not give two shits about poorer countries (lower inoculation rates) and I am not about to let their ableism and classism make me a tool for viral mutation to further effect the global citizens less privileged.

... and most importantly ...

✔️ Because I want to. I chose to. And that’s all that matters.

The point? If these reasons bother you then congratulations that has no bearing on me, just as your decision to mask or unmask has nothing to do with me.

My boundary will not shift to support your insecurities and/or comfort, but your access to me will certainly shift if you demand otherwise.

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