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What Covid-19 Survivors Need You To Know

If everyone within the US understood these points then our Covid-19 response would be a bit less of an embarrassment on a global scale, and many lives would be saved (and I’m not talking about the Covid-19 mortality rate because... #chronicillness complications).

Listen to patients. Please stop thinking that you know better about this virus. Please stop assuming that you’re an expert on something that you haven’t lived and that immunologists and virologists don’t even fully understand.

Also. Please stop resisting wearing a mask. Doing so means that you’re actively resisting the health of the economy. Not wearing a mask leads to more cases and more deaths. More cases requires reinstated quarantine measures to #flattenthecurve. More localized lockdowns leads to more economic difficulties. More economic difficulties means more hardships for everyone.

The reality? It’s pro-American to want the economy to bounce back and for American lives to be saved. It’s therefore pro-American (pro-humanity, period) to wear a mask.

So #wearamask, #socialdistance and please stop putting blind faith in Covid tests, “immunity”, and letting your prior virus expectations fall onto those battling a novel, precedent-lacking virus like Covid-19.


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