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What's "Spoon Theory"?

This cost about 20 spoons, but if it helps another new #spoonie articulate #spoontheory without having to exert a precious spoon in the process, then it’s worth it.

As someone new to chronic illness as a result of #covid_19 and #longcovid, I’m perpetually grateful for and amazed by the decades of #chronicillness awareness spreading and advocacy that has come long before us #longhaulers. Because of their hard work at the expense of their health, us #covid patients have a path to follow, no matter how different or similar our symptoms and journeys may be. Why? Because at the end of the day we’re a global community and solidarity is a must. And I’m not talking about just the #covidsurvivor, #myalgicencephalomyelitis, #dysautonomia, #chronicfatigue, etc. communities alone, or even the chronic illness community as a whole: I’m talking about the human community...our species.

With the sheer magnitude of people becoming chronically ill as a result of Covid, #advocacy is not a choice: it’s a necessity.

For us. For you. For your families.

For raising our global, collective awareness and making what is known to those affected, known to those BEFORE they become affected whether personally or otherwise.

It’s all about knowledge. The more you have of it, the richer you are (and the more you’ll appreciate your own spoons)!

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