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The WHO Acknowledged Long COVID Thanks to us Patients!

Today the @who held a vitally important conference regarding #longcovid (also known as #postcovid19 or #longhaulcovid). Although I anticipate the WHO releasing recordings soon, the slides in this post are some of my captures and story annotations of high-level points the public must be aware of. What patients like me have been saying from late March 2020 onward, when I felt my #covid_19 trajectory worsen

during the timeline that was expected to

result in recovery.

I remember first sharing with @eatingwell on March 26 (

coronavirus-according-to-someone-whos-tested-positive/) and then

speaking to @boston25 on April 10 ( being one of the first to come forth with “lingering”

symptoms and getting attacked across social media because I was deemed “attention seeking”, an “exaggerator”, or any

number of wholly inaccurate and sexist descriptors (while gravely ill no less!). All for trying to warn and enlighten the public since our governments weren’t giving us the honor of transparency and realism. All for trying to get people to see beyond the short term in order to be proactive versus reactive about Covid. All for trying to help.

So here I sit today, after writing thousands of stories (saved as highlights on my profile, starting at “Covid I” and continuing presently with “Covid XV”) and after 11 months of advocacy amongst 11 months of symptoms, I’m grateful for those who *have* been


For the ones that haven’t muted me (I’m psychic but I don’t have to be to know who’s muted my page/stories when they got tired of my ‘still being sick’ and advocating...which hurts them in the end), and for the

ones that have elevated our voices: this is because of you. For seeing that we’re trying to help YOU as well.

You being aware has led to officials being aware, which is leading to an entirely new awareness regarding the reality and severity of #covid and (hopefully) eventually #chronicillness.

There’s a long road ahead but with everyone on board it’ll be a smoother ride for all.

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